Facebook has banned Facebook’s social gaming service, Sportsfriends

Facebook has started blocking access to Sportsfriends, the social gaming app which was used to promote the 2012 London Olympics. 

According to a report from  the Guardian , the company has informed users that they will be unable to use the app while it is blocked.

The Guardian reported that users are also unable to join social groups, or sign up to a game, which means the app is not a popular option among users who enjoy games like chess or Go. 

The report says that users can access the app to view games that were featured on the site before the Olympics were banned. 

But while users can still access the site, the app’s social sharing functionality has been disabled and users cannot post content that they have created. 

“As the BBC News reported, the use of Sportsfriends has become a popular means of promoting Olympic events and is often a way for athletes to interact with fans in a private way,” the report said. 

While it may seem like the app might be a great way to connect with fans and make friends, many people have been upset with the company for allowing such a controversial game to be used to advertise the Olympics.

In March, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would remove ads from the site following protests by the social media giant. 

On Wednesday, the site banned all sports apps from its app store for the upcoming Olympics.

“We’ve been watching this problem evolve and we’ve decided to ban the use and promotion of all Facebook apps during the Games,” a Facebook spokesperson told The Guardian. 

In a statement to The Guardian, Facebook said that it has been working closely with the BBC to ensure the safety of users during the Olympics and has “taken the decision to block this app.”

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