Why is it so hard to find a game with an ‘iPhone’ logo?

In the latest example of a trademark that has been thrown around so many times, Apple is now trying to trademark a word that seems to mean something very different to many people.

The company filed a trademark application for the word “shockwave” for a “Sports Bowl game” on April 4, 2018, and is now using the word for something entirely different.

The trademark filing for the term “shockwaves” reads:In other words, this is a trademark of a product that uses the word shockwave, the same word that is used to describe a sound produced by a video game.

The “shock” in shockwave refers to the “shock wave” emitted when an object is struck by a wave.

This word is also used in many other applications, including for a device that vibrates.

The patent filing indicates that the product could be a wireless headset, an earphone, a speaker, or even a flashlight.

According to the patent, the word could also refer to “a method of recording and playing audio for a game, video game, or other entertainment medium” (it’s unclear if this applies to the actual audio or video).

This could explain why Apple is using the “iPhone” trademark so often, as it suggests that the word itself is something other than just a trademark.

The word shockwaves could also explain why the company has chosen to file for the “Shockwave” trademark, as the name could also have a connection to another trademark.

Shockwaves were first introduced in the 1980s as a way to record and play video games on tape and cassette, but the term was officially registered in 2009.

It’s also possible that Apple has simply chosen to trademark the word in an effort to make the company look good.

It would be difficult to find another brand name that matches the word.

As far as the patent goes, Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

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