Basement Sports Games: ‘Basement Sports’ releases new title and game, updated for Steam release

The new Basement Games games series is a new, non-profit and non-gaming studio founded in 2014 by James S. Hall.

This is the first title to come out of the studio, and the first to be published on Steam, which launched in December 2016.

In 2017, the studio expanded with the launch of Basement 2, which has been well received by critics and gamers alike.

“We’re very excited to bring back Basement 3,” said Hall, adding that the new title will be a continuation of the original series.

“We are very excited for the fans to experience this game on Steam.”

The Basement series has already sold over 10 million copies worldwide, with games including The Cave, The Cave 2, The Basement, and The Basements: Secret of the Lost, all of which were developed by the same studio.

The Cave was a cult classic for years, and fans of the series will be glad to see a new entry in the series.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for Basement games,” Hall said.

“They’re so accessible and have a lot of replay value.

They’re also really fun to play.”

The game’s description reads: A new story is unfolding in a small, dark basement, and it’s up to you to help out a friend who is trying to make ends meet.

Players will be able to pick up where they left off, and embark on a series of adventures.

“Basement Games” is a brand new and entirely independent development company, and their focus is on “building games for all kinds of platforms and genres,” according to the description.

The game is set in a dark basement in a Victorian town, and includes the usual genre staples, but also some new features, such as a 3D model viewer and voice-overs.

Players can play the game by selecting “Play Basement” from the main menu.

There, they can unlock achievements for their choices, such a “Basements of Adventure” and “Basets of Adventure 2.”

In addition, there are also achievements that reward players for completing certain missions.

Players will also have access to a “Besieged” achievement that will reward them with gold and XP.

The title will launch on Steam sometime in 2019, and will be available for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR headsets.

The game will feature a story mode and two story-based modes, and both will be playable in the Steam library, and players can also choose to purchase the game as a standalone purchase.

Players also will be rewarded with free DLC packs when they purchase the title on Steam.

There are plans for a standalone “Bases of Adventure 3” that will be released in 2019 and the game’s name will be changed to “Basepaths.”

Players will have access at least one “Basemaster” avatar to play in the game, and there are plans to have players create their own avatar and unlock achievements in-game.

“As soon as we’ve got a game that we’re proud of, we’ll put it out on Steam,” Hall told Polygon.

“And we’ll make sure we make it as easy to buy and play as possible.”

For more, check out GameSpot’s review of “Baseman” from early 2018.

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