How to Play Pokémon Go on your iPhone or iPad

By now, most smartphone and tablet owners know the joys of playing Pokémon Go through a mobile device.

There are games like PokeBall, which lets you collect stars and collect coins, and there are games where you can catch Pokemon in virtual locations.

If you’re in a pinch and you want to keep playing, however, there are a handful of apps you can play on your device.

And that includes Pokémon Go, which is currently available on both the iPhone and Android versions of the game.

But as the game continues to expand its scope, there’s a few other games that can help you catch more Pokémon.

These are the apps that are the best at capturing and capturing some of the best Pokémon.

We’re not talking about just catching the game’s main characters, but the other trainers and their Pokémon that are hidden behind their backgrounds.

These games can be very fun to play if you’re a little lazy, and they don’t require too much effort.

So whether you’re looking to capture Pikachu or find a rare Pokémon, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 Pokémon Go games that capture the best of the Pokémon experience.


Pokémon Go: The Pokémon Go App The first Pokémon Go game to ever hit iOS and Android, Pokémon Go is one of the most successful mobile game releases in recent memory.

It was the first game to let you explore real world locations with friends, and it was the launch title that propelled the Pokémon franchise into the mainstream.

But it wasn’t the only game in the franchise.

You could also catch Pokémon in other areas, like in parks and beaches, or on Pokémon Go’s signature island, Viridian Forest.

In the past, the game has been ported to the Wii U, but there’s no confirmation that that will be happening any time soon.

While it’s an incredible game, it’s only a small part of the overall experience.

Here’s the rundown on how to play Pokémon Go in the app: How to Download Pokémon Go For iPhone or Android: Download the free Pokémon Go app, then head over to the Pokémon Go website.

You can also download the free Pokédex app.

From there, you can add Pokémon to your collection.

For iPhone: Head over to your local Pokémon Center.

There’s a PokéStop, and you can also add Pokémon that you’ve caught and caught some other people to your Pokédodge.

In addition, you’ll also find the PokéPads, where you’ll find your Pokémon in real-time.

You’ll have to press the “Poké” button on your phone to capture them, but it’s a quick process and the Pokémon is automatically in your pocket.

When you’re done with them, just press the Poké button again to get them out of your pocket and into your Poképad.

You won’t need to bring the Pokédice with you to PokéPasses.

From the PokéPad, tap on the PokéStops you want.

You may want to choose a Pokéstop that’s close to your house, but you’ll probably want to have a little more room between them.

You should also make sure to add a few Poké Balls to your inventory, so you can quickly fill them up if you catch too many.

From here, head to the main screen.

Tap on the Poke icons to find out what Pokémon is nearby.

Tap the icon that says “Explore” to find a Pokédome.

From this Pokédomes, you should find a Pokémon that is close to you.

You will then have to catch it to take it to the Poképads.

From these Poképasses, you will have to wait until the Pokémon has been caught to take a photo with it.

You have three Poképods, so it’s important that you capture all of them.

From PokéStands, head into the main Pokédoll. Tap a Poké ball and wait until all of the Pokéballs are filled.

Tap “OK” to start a Capture Mode.

Once you’ve completed the first Capture Mode, the next Capture Mode will appear.

If your Pokémon has captured the Pokéball you just picked up, you must wait for it to catch a Pokémon.

If it hasn’t caught any Pokémon yet, just wait a bit longer until it does.

Tap again to start another Capture Mode that will begin after the second Capture Mode is completed.

You now have to head out to your neighborhood Pokéstop to catch more Pokéballs, and then head back to your favorite location to capture a few more.

For Android: From the Android app, head over here.

You must have a smartphone with at least 512MB of storage to use the app.

If the app doesn’t work on your Android device, you may have to install it manually.

The Pokédoxes you find are not as helpful for capturing Pokémon.

They will only provide you with a snapshot of the location, and the location itself is not always up to date.

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