Trump is the man to beat in 2020, but he’s not the one who should win title

Now Playing: Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ plan has been blocked in Congress Now Playing – Trump says he will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton Now Playing The ‘Gore Vidal Effect’ on Trump’s presidency Now Playing What it’s like to hold the office of the President of the United States Now Playing Trump’s campaign is ‘a joke’ – CNN Now Playing US Senate nominee says he would have voted for Hillary Clinton Now Play: Trump calls his health care plan ‘totally implausible’ Now Playing Senate confirms former FBI director Now Playing President Trump speaks at campaign event for former FBI Director James Comey Now Playing Sen. Dianne Feinstein says Trump’s comments about FBI Director Comey ‘deeply disappointing’ Now Play President Trump’s new health care bill has ‘no chance’ in Congress now Playing Trump to meet with FBI Director now: CNN Now Play Trump: FBI Director ‘has done an incredible job’ Now Over/Under: How Trump is beating his 2016 opponent now Now Playing Clinton’s ‘gravitas’ on ‘The View’ Now On The Trail: Trump meets with FBI director now Now On Trump’s agenda for 2020 Now On ‘The Five’: Who is this Trump-Russia connection?

Now On Biden’s health care strategy: ‘We’re not going to be treated like second-class citizens’ Now Now Playing Is Donald Trump going to make a run for the presidency?

Now Playing Will Biden ‘keep a tight lid on’ Russia?

Now Watch: Trump: Comey ‘hasdone an incredible work’ Now Watch How The President Has Made History Now Playing A look back at how Trump’s 2020 campaign has gone from chaos to winning Now Playing How the FBI director will work with Trump Now Playing FBI Director Mike McCabe will be confirmed as acting FBI Director Today Now Playing Meet the new FBI director, Jim Comey

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