Why is ‘The Walking Dead’ coming to PlayStation 4?

As we reported last week, “The Walking Darkness” is set to hit PlayStation 4 sometime this spring.

And the news isn’t just good news for fans of the AMC series, it’s good news from a gaming perspective.

The “Walking Dead” series has always been a huge part of the gaming landscape.

But “The Wailing” has always taken the crown as the best-selling game of the year, and now Sony is adding another game to its arsenal.

While the first installment, “Waking Hours,” debuted back in December, Sony has given fans another chance to play the game on PS4.

This time, the publisher is adding “Wandering Dead” to the PS4 game library.

For the uninitiated, the game is a 3D first-person shooter.

Players can either walk on rails, which give them cover, or on walls, which act as cover.

The game features over 60 missions, ranging from survivalist survival to zombie apocalypse.

The latest update is now available for download on PlayStation 4.

It brings a host of new gameplay features, including the ability to unlock additional characters, customize your character’s weapon, and more.

As a bonus, “Nightfall” is now on PlayStation Store as well, along with “Wetlands.”

The “Wettinglands” DLC will add more crafting, weapon and armor customization options, and also features the option to choose your character from a wide range of different classes.

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