A new app for the iPhone allows you to watch your favourite sports games from anywhere in the world

A new iOS app lets you watch your favorite sports games on your iPhone or iPad from anywhere around the world.

The app, called Sports, lets you stream live sporting events on your smartphone, tablet, and Apple TV.

The app is available in the App Store for iOS.

Here’s how you use it:If you don’t own a sports app, you’ll need to sign in to the Sports app to view live sporting matches.

Tap the sports app icon to open the app.

Select the games you want to watch.

From the sports menu, select the game you want.

Select “Show me all matches”.

Tap the “Play now” button.

If you already have a sports account, you can add the app to your account.

Select the games from your sports account and follow the on-screen instructions.

Your favourite sporting events are being streamed from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV device.

You can watch live sporting and other events using Sports.

Sports is a subscription-based app for iOS and Android, with sports events and scores for the past few seasons available for purchase in the app store.

The subscription price is $10 per month.

You’ll need a current Apple TV or Apple Watch to use Sports.

You will need to connect your iPhone to your Apple TV via a Wi-Fi network to use the app, and to view sports results.

You must have a Sport subscription to use it.

If your device does not have a Wi, you may have to enable Wi-fi in the Sports settings.

You also need to have a current Sport account on your Apple Watch or iPad to use Sport.

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