Game flash games app in UK goes dark, but UK’s other games live on – TechRadar

TechRadars article Techradar has spoken to the team behind a popular sports flash game app in the UK that was shut down on Tuesday after it was hacked and stolen.

The game app, called Sports Flash, was set to be the official app for the UK Football League (LFC) but it was suddenly shut down after the UK Government said it would be shutting down the game app store, a move the company called “completely unacceptable”.

A spokesperson for the LFC said: “The LFC is aware of reports of an issue with the app, and is working to fix it.”

The spokesperson said the LRC would continue to monitor the situation and provide updates.

The company, which was founded by British actor and comedian Tom Green, said it was still being “hacked” by the criminals.

In a statement, it said:”Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the affected players and staff and we are taking every possible measure to support them during this difficult time.”

The company said it had “no comment on individual circumstances”.

The app was not available on Apple’s App Store as of Wednesday morning, although Google Play and Amazon were offering it.

It’s unclear what the thieves are after.

It could be an attempt to access the code or a stolen credit card.

The LRC said the hackers were likely to have access to the app’s server, and the company is currently working with the authorities to identify the source of the attack.

It has a dedicated Twitter account that is used to provide updates on the LRL, including on the ongoing security threat.

It tweeted: “It is very sad to announce that Sports Flash has been compromised.

We have been working closely with the police to trace the source.”

We are currently investigating this incident.

“The app is not available to download on the App Store.

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