How to play the best game of the year: Madden NFL 17

If you’re looking for the best sports game this year, Madden NFL is the best option, according to a new study.

It beat the likes of FIFA 17 and NBA Live 18.

The study, by SuperData, looked at the performance of each of the three major sports games this year.

The top three games in the series are the Madden NFL 2017, FIFA 17, and NBA LIVE 18.

The study’s methodology and findings are based on data from the SuperData Sports Analytics Team.

The game comes with four modes: football, soccer, basketball, and hockey.

Each of these modes has its own gameplay and features.

For example, football is more about shooting, while soccer features a full range of attacking options.

FIFA 17 is the most recent iteration of the game, which introduced a new player mode, the Ultimate Team, which allowed players to create their own custom team.

In terms of overall game performance, the game was the best in every category except for a number of key stats, such as how many times players were tackled and tackled in one play, which was the biggest weakness of the previous iterations of the sport game.

The next-best-performing game was FIFA 18, which featured more traditional football and soccer modes.

This version of the sports game also features the Ultimate Crew, which allows players to play together against a AI opponent.

The most expensive game in the list is NBA Live 17, which came in at a whopping $70 on the retail market.

It’s still the most expensive NBA Live title, but that’s because it comes with a number in-game items, which are not available in previous versions.

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