Olympic games draw record crowds for Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation

Microsoft and Sony are teaming up for a new sport that’s sure to draw a lot of eyeballs.

Microsoft’s Xbox is the biggest Xbox console ever, and it’s bringing its next-gen console to the next Olympics.

But it’s coming in a big package, with a new version of the console that’s coming to market with all new Xbox features.

Microsoft says the new Xbox will have Xbox Live, Xbox LIVE TV, and the ability to access online games from its own network, as well as the ability for gamers to customize games.

That means that players can have more of an impact on how their game looks on the new console than ever before.

In an interview with Business Insider, Microsoft’s John Goss, who oversees Xbox, said that Microsoft is excited about the new “experience” the Xbox is bringing to the games market.

In addition to the new gaming experience, Microsoft has been pushing to create a better Xbox experience for gamers.

It has been working to streamline the process of getting the new consoles into the hands of consumers.

This is all a part of Microsoft’s efforts to make Xbox more accessible, Goss said.

The Xbox 720 and Xbox 720s are both getting new features like new Game DVR capabilities.

In addition, the Xbox 720 comes with a redesigned user interface.

Xbox and Sony have been working on a new “Xbox Sports” service, which is designed to allow players to watch live sports and other sports events on Xbox Live.

This service will launch in October.

Microsoft also announced that it will have exclusive Xbox Live and Xbox Live TV streaming to customers, allowing players to access live sports from any device.

This means that if you live in the United Kingdom, you can watch the NBA Finals live on the Xbox Live console.

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