When does the end of the season begin?

The season is finally upon us.

But the end is not quite upon us for everyone.

We are now in the final stages of the 2017 season.

We can see a handful of teams in the race to reach the last 16 and the title race is far from over.

Here’s what to expect in the last six weeks of the calendar. 

We will be taking a look at the final three weeks of games in this edition.

We will be looking at the games that will determine the outcome of the title and will take a look back at what the best teams are doing. 

What happens when we get to the end?

Well, we’re going to be looking back at the last three weeks in the best way possible.

We’ve done it before. 

The Big 12 will wrap up with its regular season on Sunday at 8pm ET.

That will be followed by a doubleheader at 9pm ET and 9:30pm ET on ESPNU. 

There are plenty of games remaining, and a lot of games still to play.

The Big 12 and Pac-12 are still in the hunt for the top spot, but the Pac-10 has dropped out of the race. 

If you’re interested in what we’ve seen this year, you can read our preview here. 

Follow all the action at The Big Ten Football Show and The Big 10 Football Game. 

 A lot of work remains to be done. 

And it will be a lot harder to watch than we anticipated. 

It’s a lot more work than the season was projected to be. 

This will be the last season for the Big Ten to play in the postseason, and we’ve already seen the results. 

Here are the most important storylines to watch for: Where are the teams? 

The final three games are the ones that determine which conference gets to the Final Four, and if there’s a team that has the right formula for success, it could make a deep run at that. 

Are the Big 10 teams better than the Pac 10? 

There’s a huge gap between the Big 12’s best and its worst teams. 

They’re both ranked in the top 10, but they’re tied for second-last in points per game. 

Should the Big East move into the top three? 

With a record of 10-5 in Big Ten play, the Big Eight and Big Ten will likely have to move into a bowl. 

How many teams will be ranked? 

A new Big Ten record is in play for the first time since 2001, when the league ranked in top four. 

Who’s the best in the Big 11? 

Last season, the ACC was No. 1 and the Big XII was No

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