How to play Minecraft: Pocket Edition without having to download a game app

In a post on Medium, Pocket Edition creator Jason Brown wrote that he would release a standalone version of the game without the app if he can’t get Pocket Edition to work.

The developer told Engadgnet that Pocket Edition will still be playable with the Pocket app, but it will require a dedicated emulator.

The game was first released on the App Store in October 2016 and is still available on the Google Play Store.

Brown’s post was followed by a tweet from Pocket Edition co-creator Scott “Jaw” Johnson, who wrote that the developer was “taking some time off to go and play the game” with the app.

“I just played the game in my own house,” Johnson said.

“You’re right, the game will still run, but the app is not.”

The Pocket Edition developer told us in an email that he is looking for a way to make the game run on an emulator.

“We’ve been working on this for a long time, and are in the process of porting the game from our existing emulator,” he wrote.

“The app is working well, so we’re going to go ahead and ship it out for people to try it on the emulator.”

The developer added that Pocket will continue to be supported by the Pocket App and the Pocket Server, which will also support the app’s multiplayer functionality.

Pocket Edition is currently on the iOS App Store.

It will be coming to the Android App Store sometime in the next few weeks.

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