Nintendo: Nintendo Switch to launch on December 14, 2018

A day after it unveiled its Nintendo Switch console and software for the first time, the world’s largest videogame maker is preparing to launch its own home console on December 15.

Nintendo is expected to announce the Nintendo Switch, a $400-plus console that will launch on the first Friday of December, at a press event in New York.

The announcement, if confirmed, will be the biggest milestone in the history of Nintendo, which had been in talks with rivals for years.

Its foray into the home gaming market was seen as the next logical step after Nintendo’s own 3DS.

The Switch is the company’s first foray into this space, after it previously announced its 3DS family of systems in 2014.

Its launch will mark a milestone for Nintendo’s software, too.

The Switch is expected for a launch in December.

It’s unclear if Nintendo will unveil its own console, or if it will instead announce a slate of other devices that will also be released by Nintendo in 2017.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Switch will be “made with the same design language as the 3DS, but will be slightly smaller, with more ports.”

This means the Switch, which is expected in September 2019, will also have the same specs as its predecessor, the 3ds, which was released in June 2020.

This means Nintendo is aiming for a “smooth launch” for the Switch.

“It will have the 3D effect, the same physical features that you have on the 3Ds, and will be more than the size of the 3rd-gen console,” said Craig Federighi, Nintendo of America president, in a statement.

For consumers, this is likely to be a very interesting time.

While the Nintendo 3DS has been a massive success, the company has been unable to break through to the mainstream consumer market with its software.

The company has struggled to stay relevant for years after its 3ds was launched.

Since its announcement, Nintendo has also been trying to establish itself as a game company.

The console’s games have also been a disappointment.

The 3ds and 3ds XL were the first games to feature Nintendo’s GamePad controller, and the system was supposed to be the first handheld gaming console.

However, as more and more games have been released for the 3d-gen, Nintendo’s reputation as a video game company has suffered.

Even so, the Nintendo NX, which will be released in November 2020, has been hailed as a big step forward for the company.

This is a departure from previous Nintendo hardware, which has largely relied on the Wii U’s Virtual Console service to get games released.

The NX is expected launch in November 2021, the year of the Nintendo New Year holiday.

The Nintendo Switch is also expected to have a price tag around $400, which would make it the cheapest console Nintendo has ever released.

This price tag is also lower than the $400 the company previously planned to charge for the Nintendo GameCube console, which launched in March 2004.

The console is expected be released first in the United States, followed by Europe.

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