When are the first two of the five scheduled matches?

The first two matches of the three-match series between the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Champions League (CPL) sides in New Delhi, which are set to kick off in mid-December, are to be played on a neutral ground.

The third and fourth matches will be held at the Indira Gandhi Stadium.

The IPL, which is set to be crowned the highest professional sports league in India, has been in talks with the CPL and will have to play matches at neutral venues.

The IPL will play four matches in Delhi, two of them at Indira Ghat, while the CSPL will have four matches at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium and one at the National Stadium.

Ahead of the IPL-CPL series, the league has been fielding players in Delhi.

They have been getting training sessions in a bid to gain experience and prepare for the IPT matches, but there is no guarantee that they will be able to play the first match at the venue.

The league has asked its players to get ready for the first Test match, which takes place on November 29.

The CSPl has also asked its squad to prepare for an “expedited” match on November 30 against the Delhi Daredevils (who are currently playing in the National Premier League).

The league has also said that its players will be getting their first training sessions on November 25 and 26 at the Bhopal Sports Club and the Delhi Cricket Association (DCA).

A team of CSPloons, CSPdiamonds and the Indian Super League (ISL) have been in Delhi for training, while Delhi Daringevils have been participating in the ISL competition.

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